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Our custom Software Development Services are from Dedicated Developers with Vast Industry-Specific Experience.
We perform world-class custom software development services for startups, small-to-midsize (SMB), and enterprise-size businesses.


Edu Supply

Edu Supply is a popular e-commerce platform built to sell various consumables to end customers. It is built on Woo commerce and WordPress. Woo commerce enables the creation of a fully functional online store with features like product listings, shopping cart, checkout, and payment processing.


Edu Supply Integration

We assist with a variety of integrations. By using the Woo commerce API, we are able to integrate other 3rd party systems, plugins, CMS etc. For example, currently, Edu supply is integrated with AVO, a digital platform that brings customers and businesses together, accurately matching customers’ lifestyle needs to product and service offerings through powerful artificial intelligence, safe and secure payments, and bank-grade security. Edu supply is also integrated with Netcash, a plugin that offers a platform and capability for users to securely pay for goods online.

Punchout Catalogue and Couppa

At Soma Solutions, we assist clients with implementing and maintaining a  PunchOut catalogue, which is a system that allows buyers to access a supplier’s catalog from within their procurement system e.g Coupa. The punchOut catalog provides real-time catalog updates, product availability, and pricing information directly from the supplier’s system to the buyer’s procurement system.

In order to successfully do the implementation, we create an API integration between the client’s e commerce platform and the procurement system. The integration may involve the use of custom code and  XML-based protocals like cXML or OCI.

Online Content Monitoring

Soma Solutions renders online content monitoring services by implementing an online content monitoring tool.
The tool offers a wide range of services and features as indicated below:

Social Media Monitoring

With this feature, you are able to monitor trending/reported/tracked content that is deemed to be harmful for the purpose of take down/tagging. You also have the ability to create and set up search keywords that will help you filter content as required.

Responsive and highly customizable

The tool offers responsive layouts across a wide range of devices (mobile phones, tablets and PCs) and is easy to navigate, quick to load and operate, visually pleasing etc. The tool also offers intuitive, highly customizable monitoring dashboards, where you can track conversations in real-time and pinpoint developments in community sentiment.

Analytics & Insights

The tool offers an insights platform that combines our best-in-class social-data stream with AI and human expertise, to uncover actionable insights that empower businesses to make better-informed decisions at every stage of the brand lifecycle.


The tool offers the ability to create tailored reports. You can easily pull dashboard reports of your custom dashboards with a click of a button.


The tool already comes with various applications integrated into the system. These include slack, ChatGPT, event detection, Zapier etc. However, we also offer the option for custom integrations.